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Kaizen Shareholding Disclosure Services (KSDS), a well-established player in the financial services industry, was looking to elevate their service offerings


Hours delivered back to the business


SOX compliance in Settlement process automation


Success rate of bot case completion


For functional release of OBT, RTS and OGS

The Challenge

They planned to implement a bespoke system built on Oracle technology, specifically designed for the financial services sector. To achieve this, they needed to expand their IT development team. However, finding the right expertise proved challenging. They needed a senior Oracle developer who could:

  • Lead Independently: Work with minimal supervision and drive projects forward.
  • Provide Insight: Offer valuable input and constructive feedback on development strategies.
  • Lead Allocation Development: Guide the direction of development for the allocation aspect of the system.
  • Meet Tight Deadlines: Deliver high-quality work within a demanding timeframe.

What did Cybernetic Controls do?

Recognizing the unique requirements of the role, KSDS partnered with CCL, a trusted recruitment firm known for their deep understanding of the financial services talent pool. CCL’s recruitment team went above and beyond traditional methods. They actively sourced candidates from diverse locations, ensuring they found the perfect fit for KSDS.

The Expertise:

The candidate identified by CCL was a seasoned Oracle developer with an impressive track record. They possessed the following qualifications:

  • Leadership Experience: Previously led development teams for a major international airline.
  • Technical Expertise: Extensive experience with Big Data and API development.

The Results

This strategic placement significantly enhanced KSDS’s development team. The recruited developer has had a profound impact:

  • Improved Processing Efficiency: Their expertise has streamlined internal processes, resulting in significant efficiency gains.
  • Enhanced Data Integration: Implemented APIs that successfully retrieve market data from external providers.
  • Continuous Learning: Demonstrates a strong commitment to professional development by actively pursuing additional Oracle certifications.

By leveraging CCL’s expertise in talent sourcing and their grasp of the financial services industry, KSDS secured a highly skilled developer who has demonstrably improved their technical capabilities. This successful recruitment allows KSDS to guarantee a reliable and professional service for their clients, solidifying their position within the market.